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Interkosmos Link 民办非企 (IKL) is an independent non-profit operator of free and open source telecommunications suites and information technology protocols. IKL serves various communities with computer networking and remote communications solutions.

Interkosmos Link formed in 2019 as an independent pseudo-consortium consolidating development activities from entities which later founded Prometheus Information Systems Corp. (PISC). IKL partnered with PISC in 2021.

Interkosmos Link:

  • implements, maintains, and supports decentralized, open-source projects for a variety of applications and users;
  • delivers research and development opportunities to its partners;
  • provides financial backing towards projects and partner development;
  • encourages independent community-focused and community-supported networks; and,
  • curates virtual intentional communities.


Interkosmos Link is a community-focused and community-supported group. User contributions support the maintenance and continued development of independent, decentralized networks. Learn more about supporting IKL.


Reports, questions, or requests may be submitted by contacting Interkosmos Link administration via e-mail or through other appropriate IKL communication channels.