Interkosmos Link Inter-Instance Administrative Remediation

This page explains Interkosmos Link's views on federation between distributed, decentralized networks and IKL's position on inter-instance administrative remediation.


"This instance" is managed by Interkosmos Link ζ°‘εŠžιžδΌ (IKL).

Interkosmos Link maintains "this instance" agnostically, free from political or ideological biases. Very few content restrictions are impressed upon the user. Dominant user restrictions are those required by law or those necessary for maintaining a generally safe-for-work environment.


Interkosmos Link cherishes user and content diversity and believes in open federation. IKL seeks to connect with the greatest number of instances in the spirit of decentralized networking and distributed hosting. IKL believes that unilateral de-federation is harmful to network integrity, detrimental to free and open communication, and generally regressive behavior harmful to user experiences. IKL believes that de-federation obstructs access to information and denies user autonomy in the information he or she chooses to engage with.


Interkosmos Link is always willing to mediate with foreign instance administration to resolve disputes or police harmful user conduct (e.g.: harassment, doxxing, targeted hate, illegal activities, etc.). This, however, requires the cooperation and communication of foreign instance administrators.

Administrative remediation may be undertaken by contacting Interkosmos Link via email or through direct engagement with any IKL-managed instance administrator account: admin or kapkom.

IKL hopes that remote instance administrators will cooperate in conflict resolution before opting to de-federate from IKL-managed instances.